For Bottleneck Gallery’s Alternate Ending show, I was asked to rewrite the ending to a movie of my choosing. I chose Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, opting for a dark tale of Indiana Jones defecting to the Third Reich. The poster depicts a determined Heinrich Jones seeking out the Spear of Destiny in the style of a late 30s German propaganda poster. To maintain a feel of authenticity, I used a German Blackletter typeface, drew as many elements as I could, and used a Speckletone French Paper to make the poster feel more aged.

Use the key on the bottom left for a breakdown of the poster’s elements (translations are not exact):

1) Translation: “Our history is our destiny/fate!”
2) General SS (The Schutzstaffel branch Indy comes to work for).
3) Translation: “Dr. Henry Jones. Born American. True German!”
4) Ahnenerbe emblem.